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What is Plinth

Plinth: Revolutionary 3D Capture for Fine Arts

Plinth is a revolutionary app that produces full 3D volumetric digital versions of an original artwork, achieving accurate visual with flexible proximity.
Facilitating a user-friendly experience, the app guides you to produce your own 3D assets in three simple steps within a quick turnaround time.
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True 3D
Volumetric 3D files for websites, apps, augmented and virtual reality.
Highest Quality
High resolution with fast turnaround time (15 minutes).
Ease of Use
Easy-to-use iPhone app, no other equipment required.
Our Mission

- Without compromising on the integrity of the original artwork, Plinth enables artists, galleries, museums, institutions and art professionals to present premium digital versions of sculptures, paintings and objects to peers, colleagues, clients and a wider audience, anywhere in the World.

- Plinth is committed to reducing carbon emissions by offering alternative digital viewing solutions within the Arts and Culture Sector.

Bespoke Service

For the collector wishing to view pieces without visiting the storage facility; a world class museum showcasing its collection in virtual reality; an academic institution providing the best learning materials for students, or a commercial art gallery engaging the services as a sales tool, Plinth has the right solutions for you.

Note on NFTs

As one of our missions is to reduce carbon footprint, and until the process of producing NFTs is more efficient and less harmful to the Planet, we must insist that users do not use the 3D assets from our app as material for NFTs.

$0/ month
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$10/ month
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$20/ month
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$30/ month
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What is Plinth?
Plinth is an iPhone app that produces true volumetric 3D assets (‘digital twin’) for your physical artworks. It is user friendly and tailored for the art and cultural sector.
Why Plinth? What are the advantages?
In a rapidly developing digital world where online engagement is essential, the best digital representation is key. To enable the latest augmented and virtual reality technologies, the first step is to create 3D contents, and this is exactly what Plinth Capture does; all within the iPhone app with the iPhone camera.
Is my artwork suitable for Plinth?
Most artworks are suitable for Plinth. However, textures that are very smooth, very shiny, transparent, or have reflective elements might not reproduce accurately through the automated service on the app. Contact us for alternative solutions.
What equipment do I need?
The app is developed to produce optimum results on an iPhone 12 and upwards! Currently, the app caters to iPhones only.
How do I do the capture?
Just follow the easy step-by-step tutorial guide inside of our app.
Where can I use the 3D files?
There are numerous uses including but not limited to:
  • Embedded in website
  • Dedicated web link
  • Dedicated App
  • Social Media
  • Embedded in Microsoft Office Documents
  • Augmented Reality using phones or tablets
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality using 3D devices (VR headsets, AR glasses)
Do you offer a free trial?
The app is free to use, and you can try it out and see the results for free! After viewing the result, you can decide to purchase it.
What is included in my purchase?
Your purchase includes:
  • Standard 3D file in USDZ format
  • Web link unique to the 3D asset, where you can easily share on social media and chatting apps such as WhatsApp and Signal
What about copyright?
The purchased 3D assets are for yours. You can do whatever you want with it (if you have the copyright of the physical art piece) except for NFTs.
What about NFTs?
As we are environmentally conscious, we do not allow our users to use the 3D assets for NFTs.
My product is not art, can I still use your service?
Yes. Even though we specialize in fine arts, other products/objects are welcome.
I still have questions. Who should I contact?
You can email us at hello@plinth.it or whatsapp us at +31 627829517

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